Sunday, January 16, 2011

My blog

My blog is going to be a little bit of anything and everything.  It's mostly going to focus on sports, music, and funny videos. 

On that note: I watched the Mizzou vs Texas A&M game yesterday.  God that pissed me off.  Mizzou completely fell apart in overtime.  Currently, I'm watching the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks game.  The fact that the Seahawks are in the playoffs is a complete joke.

Music Video of the day:

 Cudi goes hard
Funny Video of the day:

First blog is complete.  It sucked but its done 


  1. I'll follow this blog. It did suck.

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    returning the favor
    thanks for coming at me (no homo)

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  4. haha, that second video is hilarious XD

    keep postin, dude.

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